Alexis Perlman

Property Operations Manager

Alexis Perlman joined the Perlmark Team in early 2012 as the Marketing and Property Management Associate and has been promoted to their Asset Manager. Alexis handles and oversees all of the marketing efforts, training of new employees, compliance, reporting, new prospective business as well as day–to-day business tasks. Her professionalism and knowledge is of great value to The Perlmark Housing Group.

Alexis Perlman has over five years experience in the professional world with the majority focused on the real estate industry. Before coming to the Perlmark Housing Group, Alexis worked for Pulte Homes where she was immersed in custom construction, floor plans, interior architecture and design as well as team building. She gained extensive knowledge of the real estate and home building industry. When the Pulte Homes Community was completed, Alexis joined a privately owned mortgage bank dedicated to veterans. Here, she learned a great deal about the financial side of the real estate industry as well as catering to the veteran community.

Alexis received her bachelor’s degree from Indiana University, Bloomington in 2010 with a focus in Media and Business Communications.


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